Just Stationery 12" Plastic Shatter Proof Ruler

Product Description

Just Stationery brings a 12 inch Metallic Shatterproof Ruler to your pencil case. This ruler measures the standard 30 centimetres and 12 inches, making it perfect for any pencil case or stationery set. The shatterproof plastic means that even kids that will try their hardest to snap it on the end of their desk, will have no chance of doing so. This essential is also transparent, so that you can see through to the paper, giving you the upper hand on the task.

  • Just Stationery Shatterproof Ruler measures 30cm and 12 inches, giving you the option to measure how you see fit.
  • The shatterproof plastic will prevent anyone from instantly snapping the ruler and if you drop it, there are no worries.
  • You cannot go without a ruler in any set of stationery or pencil case. Make sure you are ready for anything with this ruler.
  • The transparent plastic will give you the advantage, as you will be able to see what is underneath without losing out on information.
  • A great fit for the kids who are heading back to school, this ruler is an essential for students of all ages to use in every class.

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